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Welcome to the Warkings webpage, a Republic guild on "Grand Master Zym" server.

We're still getting things up and running here, but our main focus is pushing progression in end game Operations. We're looking to create an atmosphere where people enjoy themselves, where people are friends and don't just log in for raid, while at the same time focusing and pushing progression as hard as we are capable. We are always competing for the top spot at a server level without making raiding feel like work.

Here's what you can expect from us as a guild:

    Progression focused players. Some of our officers have lead progression guilds in the past and all our founding officers have extensive raiding experience mostly from World of Warcraft.

    Friendly players who like to have fun. We all like raiding, we want to be here, we want to down that new boss, and we want to have fun doing it.

        Competent guild management. We will always try to improve as guild leadership. As a leadership, we will always do our best to provide our members with whatever they need. If you need anything or have any sort of issue, don't hesitate to talk to an officer.

    A mature environment, and I don't mean that in the "no fart jokes allowed" sense. We have no content restrictions on guild or voice chat. If you are sensitive or easily offended, this is not the guild for you.

Here is what we expect from our members and applicants:

    Maturity. If you have a problem with the way the guild is being run, or how someone in the guild is acting, or a loot decision, or a raid decision, OR ANYTHING AT ALL: Tell an officer. It's their job to help you and fix things. Don't stay silent and stew over it for months and then rage quit. Don't throw a huge bitch fit in guild chat.

        Be Supportive. If someone is having an off night and wipes the raid or can't seem to get the hang of a mechanic, yelling "OMG NOOB LSDKJFLKSDJFLSDKJFDF" doesn't help. Everyone has a bad day, if poor performance is a consistent problem the guild leadership will deal with it. All guild members should be supportive and helpful to each other.

    Represent the guild. When you are on a character wearing our guild tag, you represent everyone here. One person acting like a douche bag in a pug can give the whole guild the stigma of "those assholes”. When in pugs and interacting with other people on the server, don't be an asshole. Pretty simple.

Well I think I've written enough for now, if you have any questions about anything feel free to message me or any other officer in game or through the website.

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